The Great Outdoors Radio Show: Episode 5 FLW Tour Pro Miles Burghoff

Miles Burghoff has led a pretty interesting life so far.  For starters, he’s a professional tournament fisherman.  He guides in Alaska in the summers and he lives on one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country, Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee.  He won a college bass fishing National Championship and he’s currently 2nd in FLW Rookie of the Year Race.  He hosts a television show on NBC Sports called Sweetwater Fishing that’s about to go into it’s sixth season.  Oh and his dad was pretty well known too (he played Radar on M.A.S.H.)

So it’s no wonder that Miles was such an awesome interview on the latest episode of the Great Outdoors Radio Show.  We talk about his life so far, what it’s like to be a professional bass fisherman (and how to get there), guiding in Alaska and more.  We also get into detail about Lake Seminole and what he thinks it will take to win there this weekend.

If you love bass fishing, listening to stories about big fish or hearing someone else’s perspective on our Lake, you’ll love this episode of the Great Outdoors Radio Show.  Check out Miles’ website by clicking here.  

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