Heavy Rains Cause Sewage Spill in Donalsonville

The City of Donalsonville released a statement on Tuesday notifying the public of a minor sewage spill into Fish Pond Drain that occurred as a result of the heavy rains received over the weekend.  According to the National Weather Service, Donalsonville received more than 5 inches of rain during the weekend storms.


 The City of Donalsonville, GA0026123, experienced a manhole surcharge on Faubus Drive near Ball Park lift station from Sunday December 2nd at 12:00 PM to Monday, December 3rd 3:00 PM. There was approximately 8,100 gallons was spilled into storm runoff drain which feeds into Fish Pond Drain. The City has taken corrective action to eliminate future occurrences. If you have any questions, contact Steven Hicks, City Manager at City of Donalsonville City Hall 229-524-2118


Here is a detailed look at rainfall totals for all of North Florida and South Georgia.

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