Decatur County Schools: Hopeful to Return This Week

When Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida panhandle and moved northeast into southwest Georgia, devastating our community, our schools were no exception.

Once the storm passed and an thorough evaluation could be made, Decatur County school was cancelled until further notice.  Last week, Superintendent Tim Cochran announced that the school system would hopefully resume normal operations this week, with non-instructional staff reporting on Monday.  One major hurdle for the school system (besides safe bus routes) was the replenishment of food supply that was lost due to the prolonged power outage.

We need a shipment of food to replace what we lost due to the power outage so we can feed the kids and then we will be able to get back.  Hopefully the middle of the week sometime. –Superintendent Tim Cochran

As of Friday, the food was in the process of being replenished.  Another hurdle for the school system: damage to Potter Street Elementary.  The gym was heavily damaged during the storm and Cochran fears the building may not be usable until after the first of the year.

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