DCSO: Career Criminals Unit Make Meth Arrests

Press Release

  1.  On Monday, June 18, 2018, members of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office’s Career Criminals Unit, in conjunction with members of the Decatur County Correctional Institute, arrested Inmate Jimmy Thai for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Thai was found to be in possession of multiple bags of suspected methamphetamine while being an inmate of the DCCI. Further investigation is on going into the case with more arrests pending.
  2. On Saturday, June 23, 2018, at approximately 0319 hours, Deputy Charles King was located on Carl Cloud Road, Climax, Georgia in Decatur County. Deputy King responded to an E-911 call in reference to an intoxicated driver.  Deputy King was informed by E-911 the suspect vehicle was an older model Green Chevrolet four-wheel drive pick-up with big tires. Deputy King patrolled the area looking for the truck. Deputy King was unable to locate the truck. Upon entering the City of Bainbridge, Deputy King drove past the Circle K located at 2011 East Shotwell Street. Deputy King noticed a vehicle that fit the description of the truck on Carl Cloud Road. Deputy King pulled into the store and made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Timothy Allen Conant. Deputy King observed Conant having trouble maintaining his balance, slurring his speech, and seemed confused when answering questions. Deputy King asked Conant if he had been drinking. Conant stated he did not drink. Deputy King then called Sgt. Presilla to bring his portable Alco Sensor. Sgt. Presilla arrived and conducted the breath test on Conant, the test showed Conant had not been drinking. Deputy King then asked for consent to search Conant’s truck. Conant was very reluctant and kept looking in the truck. Sgt. Presilla stated, to Conant, it was a yes or no question. Conant then stated a search could be conducted. Conant then stated, “there’s meth in that black bag “. Sgt. Presilla looked in the black bag laying in the seat and found a plastic clear bag with what appeared to be meth in it. Deputy King then contacted the on-call Investigator of the Career Criminals Unit, Sgt. Adam Mobley, about the incident. Sgt. Mobley responded to the scene and advised Conant could be transported to the jail. Deputy Raymond Day arrived and transported Conant. Sgt Mobley arrived on scene at 0452 hours. Deputy King turned the incident over to Sgt. Mobley at that time.

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