Thomas County Elementary School Evacuated Thursday Due to Diesel Spill

Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School in Thomasville was evacuated and closed Thursday due to a diesel spill in the area that caused a strong odor on the school’s campus.

According to facebook post, the Thomas County School System stated that the diesel spill occurred at the Murphy Oil Station at the intersection of Hall Road and Highway 319 and the fuel made its way through a ditch to a small creek behind the school.

When students and faculty at the school began to complain of headaches due to the smell, the Thomas County School System made the decision to close the school and move the students to nearby Thomas County Central High School to await parent pickup.

The Thomas County Emergency Management Agency responded to the scene and tested other nearby schools to verify their safety.  No other schools were determined to be within the contamination zone.

According to a Friday morning facebook post, Garrison-Pilcher had resumed normal operations.


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