DCSO Arrests Inmate and Accomplice for Contraband


Following a two week long investigation the Decatur County Sheriffs Office, in conjunction with the Decatur County Correctional Institute, announce the arrests of DCCI Inmate Wilbur “WC” Jackson, 28, and Myra Jackson, 55, both of Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia.

The two were arrested on Wednesday January 24, 2018, after the investigation showed that Myra Jackson was dropping contraband at different inmate work locations for her son Wilbur “WC” Jackson that is serving a sentence at DCCI. The contraband would then be picked up by Jackson or by multiple other inmates associated with the crime. The contraband was then being brought into the prison in different styles of concealment. The contraband involved in this case included tobacco, cellular telephones, and other items that are prohibited at the DCCI. The last contraband drop that led to the arrests included over four pounds of tobacco and other smaller items.

The investigation was conducted by Investigator Vincent Edmond, with the assistance of DCCI Warden Gordon Screen, and other members of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department CID and officers from the DCCI. More arrests are pending due to other inmates that were involved with the conspiracy.

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