Bainbridge Public Safety Makes Huge Drug Bust Thanks to Anonymous Tip


Thanks to an anonymous tip, Bainbridge Public Safety Investigators were able to make a large drug bust on Monday, November 27th. A tip came in to Public Safety Headquarters notifying officers of a location on Japonica Drive with residents who were dealing in drugs. Investigators Mark Esquivel, Chip Nix, Chris Avery, Chris Jordan, Larry Funderburke, and Officers Toby Miller and Jamie Marshburn obtained a search warrant from the Magistrate Judge.  Investigators forced entry into the residence and located John Anthony Clemons.  Clemons was searche and Investigator Avery found him in possession of 4 bags of suspected Molly and a plastic bag containing 106 pills of suspected Ecstasy.  He also had $321.00 in cash in his pocket.  Investigators searched a bedroom belonging to Ramu Hawkins.  Hidden inside of a pillow Investigators recovered over 700 pills of suspected Ecstasy, over 50 grams of suspected Molly, over 80 pills of Alprazolam (Zanex), and over 2 ounces of high-grade marijuana.  Investigators continued a search of the bedroom and found 19 additional bags of suspected Molly, a bag of 24 Ecstasy pills, a box with a small amount of marijuana, a small bag containing 2 Alprazolam (Zanex) pills, and an envelope addressed to Ramu Hawkins which contained six bundles of cash totaling $6,710.00.  Drug paraphernalia, including digital scales and empty baggies, were also found.

Investigators Nix and Avery went to Hawkins place of employment in an attempt to make contact with him.  He was located and searched, and cash in the amount of $285.00 was found on his person.  John Anthony Clemons, age 50, and Ramu Hawkins, age 41, were both arrested and charged with Possession, Sale, Manufacture, or Distribution of a Marijuana (Felony), and Possession of a Controlled I or II Substance with Intent to Distribute – 2 Counts (Felonies).

  Remu Hawkins. Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety
John Anthony Clemons. Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety


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