Credit Card Scammers Hitting SWGA

There has been a rash of credit card skimming devices discovered throughout southwest Georgia recently.

This week, the Thomasville Police Department published a facebook post detailing the discovery of two credit card skimming devices at area gas stations.  According to Lt. Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office, the skimmers were discovered at two different gas stations – one in Thomas County and one in Grady County.

“The device discovered at the Thomas County gas station was similar to the one found in the Pine Park Road area in Grady County” — Lt. Tim Watkins, Criminal Investigations, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office

The skimming device was discovered when the victim notified the store that suspicious charges appeared on their bank account.  Because the victim knew the last place the card had been used, the police were able to narrow down the search and ultimately discovered the skimming device on the gas pump.

In September, another skimming device was located on a bank ATM in Thomasville.  According to Sgt. Knifer with the Thomasville Police Department, that device was an exact replica of the molded plastic card slot.

With the increased appearance of card skimmers across southwest Georgia, the best advice law enforcement offers is to monitor your account often in order to be aware of suspicious charges.  “Monitor your account, report fraud immediately and know the last place you used your card” said Lt. Watkins “and try to use the pumps with the security seal in place.  If you notice a broken seal, notify the store”.


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