Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

  • Ismael Hernandez-Lucas, 18, Evans Street, Bainbridge, GA, Accident – Hit & Run – Property Damage or Injury – Fail to Stop, Leave Scene (misd), Failure to Yield Right of Way – Intersection (misd), Driving Without a Valid License (misd); BPS, Shaw
  • Juana Lucas Lorenzo, 38, Evans Street, Bainbridge, GA, Obstructing or Hindering LE Officers (misd); BPS, Akins
  • Jkylla Michelle Powell, 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, GA, Theft by Shoplifting (misd); BPS, Green
  • Cridarrion Vonkeivius Byrd, 18, Evans Street, Bainbridge, GA, Burglary (Fel); BPS, Nix
  • Anthony John Pearson, 42, E. Louise Street, Bainbridge, GA, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, DCSO, Edmond
  • Timothy Monte Carlye, 42, Fowlstown Road, Bainbridge, GA, Driving Under the Influence – Alcohol, Failure to Maintain Lane, Open Container, Seatbelt Violation – Adult, Violation of Window Tint Law; GSP, Palmer
  • Willie Donalson III, 44, Evans Street, Bainbridge, GA, Battery, Battery (Family Violence), Terroristic Threats and Acts; BPS, Prindle
  • Wilburn Clifford Jackson, 28, Westria Drive, Bainbridge, GA, Probation Violation O/C Theft by Receiving Stolen Property; DCSO, Williams
  • Cassey Campbell Mathers, 20, Beaver Creek Drive, Havana, FL, Operating Vessel Under the Influence; DNR, Cox
  • Travis Dewayne Mixon, 30, E. College Street, Bainbridge, GA, Failure to Maintain Lane, Failure to Stop for Stop Sign, Reckless Driving, Turning Position; Signals Required, Windshields and Windshield Wipers; BPS, Myers
  • Heather Michelle West, 41, Grant Road, Cairo, GA, Illegal Possession of Controlled Substance Methamphetamine; DCSO, King
  • Jordan Chase Wheeler, 19, Old Cassidy Road, Thomasville, GA, Probation Violation O/C Obscene Internet Contact With Minor; DCSO, Pace
  • Shammai Wilburn, 24, Hall Street, Bainbridge, GA, DUI – Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol; GSP, Marchant
  • Timothy Wayne Williams, 54, Joe Louis Avenue, Pahokee, FL, Driving Under the Influence – Alcohol, Failure to Maintain Lane (ROR); GSP, Davidson

BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety

GSP = Georgia State Patrol

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

DNR = Department of Natural Resources

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