BPS: Vehicle Wreck Leads to Felony Arrest


Derrick Derrell Carter, 25, of Bainbridge. Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety.

This morning around 10am, a vehicle traveling down Hubert Dollar Drive clipped a couple of signs, ultimately coming to rest against a sign located at the intersection of Cox Avenue at the Bill Reynolds Sports Park.

A woman who was in the area jogging, approached the vehicle to check on the driver, later identified as 25 year old Derrick Derrell Carter of Bainbridge.  At this time, Carter exited the vehicle, which belonged to his ex-girlfriend.  According to his statement, he attempted to make contact with the female fearing that he had hit her.  The jogger was unsure why Carter was following her and ran toward City of Bainbridge workers who were in the area.  She reported the wreck to them, and Public Safety was called. Carter turned back toward the wrecked vehicle, entered it briefly, then proceeded on foot back up Hubert Dollar Drive.  Witnesses reported that he then abruptly turned and headed into an area of trees.  When officers arrived, the vehicle was searched, and ammunition for a 22-caliber handgun was found, as well as a bag of Spice.  BPS Officer Jayson  Myers, along with Kenzo, his shepherd cohort, and Deputy Jason Williams and his shepherd were called to the scene.

Shortly after disappearing into the trees, Carter reappeared and headed back toward the wrecked vehicle.  He was quickly apprehended and arrested.  The officers and their dogs then searched the area of trees which Carter had entered, and located a 22-caliber handgun which Carter had attempted to hide.  Already wanted for an active felony probation warrant, Carter was taken to the Decatur County jail and has been charged with:

1) Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
2) Possession of a Controlled Substance
3) Reckless Driving
4) Failure to Maintain Lane
5) Striking a Fixed Object

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