Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail:

  • Quaddarrius Untrel Blocker, 19, MLK Jr Drive, Bainbridge, Ga, Battery, Cruelty to Children 3rd Degree; Akins, BPS
  • Vashon Perz Brown, 43, Mars Hill Road, Whigham, Ga, Criminal Trespass, Pedestrian Under the Influence; Reynolds, DESO
  • Mack Byrd, 74, SE First Street, Havana, Fl, DUI – Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving on Wrong Side of Road; Palmer, GSP
  • Ulysses Carter, 25, Southwest Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Driving while License Suspended, Headlight; Lewis, DESO
  • Debra Batchelor Daniels, 63, Fathers Home Church, Camilla, Ga, Failure to Appear o/c Shoplifting (1st Offense); Deen, BPS
  • Aaron Ruddell Davis, 23, Mt Olive Church Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Simple Battery (Three Counts); Edmond, DESO
  • Stephan Bernard Davis, 32, Morgan Drive, Gainesville, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Possession of Cocaine; Hines, DESO
  • Devetress Roshawn Green, 31, Tyler Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Seatbelt, Speeding, Suspended License; Snider, GSP
  • Brenden Ivey Greene, 19, Lee Road, Salem, Al, DUI Under 21, Speeding; Marchant, GSP
  • Carlton James Maloy, 19, Laurel Lane, Camilla, Ga, Driving Under the Influence – Alcohol, Failure to Maintain Lane, Too Fast for Conditions; Snider, GSP
  • Jimmy Lee Mash Jr., 29, Antioch Church Road, Climax, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Burglary; Lewis, DESO
  • Eugene Fredrick Quinn, 56, Thomasville Road, Climax, Ga, Aggravated Sexual Battery; Bowyer, DESO
  • Jerry Sanders, 59, S Saint Augustine, Valdosta, Ga, DUI 1st Offense, Failure to Maintain Lane; Prince, GSP
  •  Deuntray Shavon Thomas, 19, Lake Douglas Drive, Bainbridge, Ga, Driving without License, Failure to Obey Stop Sign, Giving False Information or False Name; Shaw, BPS
  • Sherma Tynese Cooper, 36, Hanover Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Speeding, DUI – 1st Offense; Myers, BPS
  • Devon Jerome Ross, 25, Leisure Lake Drive, Warner Robins Ga, Failure to Obey Stop/Yield Sign, Failure to Maintain Lane, Accident – Striking Fixed Object, DUI – 1st Offense; Miller, BPS
  • Stephone Evans Buie, 26, Bethel Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Failure to Appear; Shaw, BPS
  • Stephanie Nicole Hodge, 21, Lake Drive, Bainbridge, Ga, Theft by Shoplifting, Reckless Conduct, Seatbelt Violation – Child Restraint (Five Counts); Hayes, BPS

BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety

GSP = Georgia State Patrol

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

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