Grady EMC Membership Is Heard In Election

On Friday, October 21st, a vast crowd converged on the grounds of Family Worship Center, to vote on two board of director positions, previously held by incumbents, and to participate in the 78th Annual Meeting of the Grady EMC. With perhaps the largest turnout in Grady EMC history, 1019 members cast their vote resulting in Ronald Sellars (on the ballot by petition) defeating Caylor Ouzts in an almost two to one margin, 614 to 317.  Additionally, Earl Stuckey (on the ballot by petition), defeated Lamar Strickland, 612 votes to 340.


Originally, the voting window was from 8am until 10am,  but the voting hours were extended until 11am, to facilitate the huge and unprecedented crowd that participated.


EMC President Bo Rosser stated, “We had a great turnout and look forward to working with Mr. Sellars and Mr. Stuckey and are thankful for the work of Mr. Ouzts and Mr. Strickland.  Despite some moments where traffic was backed up, Family Worship Center was, in my opinion, a much better location for facilitating the meeting and parking. Thanks to everyone involved which helped make the meeting successful.”


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