Grady EMC Voting is Under Way

The annual meeting of the Grady EMC is underway this morning in Cairo.

Held at the Family Worship Center on Highway 84 West, the meeting is also the venue for members of the co-op to cast their ballots for the Board of Directors.  In anticipation of a heavy turnout, the EMC moved the meeting to the new location to better accommodate the crowd – a move that looks to be the right call.

As of 8:15 Friday morning, the voting line stretched from the door of the Church, through the parking lot, and down to the Highway, a distance of at least 200 yards.


For those interested in attending the annual meeting of the Grady EMC, voting will take place until 10:00 a.m. Friday morning.  According to Bo Rosser, General Manager of the Grady EMC, anyone who is in line at 10:00 will be allowed to cast their vote, regardless of how long the line is.

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