BPS: Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Foot Pursuit, Arrest

On Saturday, September 10, Bainbridge Public Safety arrested a man after a traffic stop for an expired tag led to a foot chase.

According to the Bainbridge Public Safety Incident report, Officer Jamie Marshburn was patrolling in West Bainbridge on Dothan Road when he spotted a Nissan Altima with an expired tag.  After initiating a traffic stop, Officer Marshburn made contact with the driver who told the officer that he did not have his license on him, but gave him a name and date of birth.  Armed with the information from the driver, Officer Marshburn made contact with Decatur/Grady 911 to check the status of the driver’s license.

When Decatur-Grady 911 notified Marshburn that the license was suspended, as well as the registration on the vehicle (along with an expired tag), PSO Marshburn placed the driver in handcuffs, searched his person and began placing him in the patrol car.  However, the driver took off running across Dothan Road.  From the report:

“The driver ran behind a storage building where Marshburn was able to catch up to him.  As Marshburn grabbed the driver by the arm, he slipped and fell to the ground allowing the driver to once again run.  Marshburn regained his footing and caught up to and captured the driver after a short distance” — BPS Report

After being apprehended, the suspect told Officer Marshburn that his real name was Lance Cotton and “he ran because he did not want to go to jail” (BPS Report).

Lance Cotton was arrested and charged with expired decal, suspended registration, driving without a valid license, giving a false name, and obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.

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