S.W. Georgia Grower Surpasses Current Soybean World Record

Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Ga.

According to early leaked reports from Southeastern Farm Press, the current soybean yield world record, held for several years by Kip Culler of Missouri, of 160.6 bushels per acre, has been shattered by Randy Dowdy with a certified yield of 171.8 bushels per acre, on Dowdy’s farm in Brooks County, Georgia.

This record breaking harvest was verified on August 29th, 2016 by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.  Jared Whitaker, Extension Agronomist with the University of Georgia, stated “This undoubtedly is an astonishing feat and my personal congratulations are extended to Randy for his achievement and efforts.”

Randy Dowdy stated, “It has been a three year collaborative effort to raise the bar on what soybean potential yields are and what yields can be actually captured. God gets the credit first. Special thanks also go to BASF, Brandt, Genesis Ag, Dan Poston PHD, USG, John Woodruff, Eddie McGriff, UGA extension, Southern States and many others for contributing time, resources, and intellectual property to this effort. Now the goal is to duplicate these yields again with the data we’ve collected and hopefully figure out how to go higher and do it more economically.”

Dowdy is a past world record holder in corn production with 503 bushels per acre, and broke his own previous Georgia Soybean record set in 2014 and again in 2015.

BASF has scheduled a press conference for Friday, September 9th, in Tifton, Ga. and will be broadcast on livefeed on BASF’s Facebook page, at 10:00 am, E.S.T..

For more detailed information, please read more at www.growbigcorn. com


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