28 Arrested in Operation Crack Down

Early Monday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety teamed up with the Georgia State Patrol and the Department of Community Supervision in an effort to bust 28 people accused of drug related parole violations.

In a release from the City of Bainbridge, Public Information Director Julie Harris stated that the first wave of arrests netted 20 suspects.  Several more were arrested throughout the day.  The undercover investigation was coordinated by the Criminal Investigations Division of Public Safety and headed up by Investigator Chris Jordan.

operation crack down 2

Investigator Jordan stated, “We knew there was a major drug problem around town and we wanted to work on it and curb a major problem in the community”.

The investigation involved the use of undercover transactions to purchase drugs from the suspects.  According to investigators, those drugs purchased ranged from cocaine to molly to marijuana.  Jordan stated, “If they were selling, we were buying”.

“The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division is to provide the citizens of Bainbridge with a professional law enforcement investigative team.  CID aggressively investigates felony and misdemeanor offenses to ensure successful identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders.” — City of Bainbridge Website

As of Tuesday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety was still conducting the investigation with approximately 10 more suspects to be arrested.


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