Third Suspect Arrested in Mr Pips Armed Robbery

A third arrest was made in the armed robbery that occurred at Mr. Pips earlier this month.


17 Year Old Mincey Sanders

According to Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jason Williams, 17 year old Mincey Sanders was arrested and charged in connection with the robbery.  Based on initial evidence, it was believed that the robbery was committed by Tevin Gaines and Brian Henry, both of who were arrested and charged.  However, investigators continued to evaluate the evidence and realized that while Mr. Henry was involved, he was not the suspect they kept seeing on video.  The person on video was wearing a hoodie that said “Senior 2016”, leading investigators to Bainbridge High School.  Both of the original people charged were in their 20’s.

With the help of Decatur County School Police Officers Marvin Knight and Gary Hines, investigators were able to identify the individual wearing the hoodie as Mincey Sanders.  According to Investigator Williams, “He matched the build of the guy in the video exactly”.

According to investigators, it’s possible that this armed robbery is gang related.  Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Investigators are continuing to investigate the crime. “You want to make sure you got the right people and leave no stone unturned” said Williams.

17 year old Mincey Sanders was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery (felony).

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