Bainbridge Public Safety: Arrested Man Tries to Escape, Breaks Stuff, Spits on Officers

In the late evening hours of Sunday, June 19, Bainbridge Public Safety Officers made an arrest that led to a string of chaotic events.

Officer Tim Mixon was dispatched to Godwin Street in Bainbridge in reference to an “unruly subject”.  Upon arrival, the “unruly subject’s” mother stated that her son, Gabriel Washington was kicking her fence and chair and that she wanted him off the property.  During Officer Mixon’s conversations with Washington, he could smell the strong odor of alcohol.  Mr. Washington was advised to go home or else he would be charged with being drunk in public.  Mr. Washington complied.

However, a short time later, Officers were once again dispatched to the corner of Godwin Street where they were told Mr. Washington had attacked someone with a stick.  Upon seeing the officers’ arrival, Washington took flight, running through neighboring yards and jumping fences.  At this point, the incident report states that Officer Mixon began pursuing Washington on foot and eventually caught up to the absconder in the bushes of a residence.  Washington was placed in handcuffs and transported to BPS headquarters.

Back at the scene of the stick assault, the victim said that “Washington hit him in the face with a stick”.  He was transported to Memorial Hospital where it was determined his jaw was broken in two places.

At Public Safety Headquarters, Sergeant Ryan Deen requested that EMS take a look at a cut on Washington’s foot, however, Mr. Washington was uncooperative with the attending personnel and refused their service.  In an effort to provide necessary care, Officer Mixon entered the room and removed the handcuffs so that Washington could treat the wound himself.  When Officer Mixon left the room to find some peroxide, Mr. Washington attempted to escape by punching random numbers on the door’s keypad and snatching the handle.  His escape attempt was unsuccessful.

Still in the booking room, Washington was observed kicking a camera stand until it broke.  At this point, he was restrained in handcuffs once again. However, this process proved to be difficult.  At one point, Washington laid on the floor with his hands beneath him while the officers attempted to restrain him to the bench.  After finally being secured, Washington continued to damage property, “jumping up and down on the bench and kicking it, attempting to break it” (BPS Report).

Because of the injuries Washington sustained, Captain Jack Bunting decided that he should be transported to Memorial Hospital before being moved to the Decatur County Jail.  After much more struggling, shackles were eventually secured on the suspect and he was placed in the back of a patrol car.  In the back of the car, his rampage continued.  At one point, he “stuck his head and arms through (the window) requesting that PSO Avery punch him in the face.” (BPS Report).  He also ripped the radar antennae out of the window, ripped the cord, beat the window and destroyed the ICOP microphone in the back seat.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Mr. Washington was restrained to the hospital bed in shackles, where he began using spit as his primary weapon of aggression.  The report states that he spit on Officer Mixon, kicked at Doctor Jones, spit on Sergeant Deen and “attempted to spit on hospital personnel a total of fourteen times” (BPS Report).

After receiving treatment on his injured foot, officers had to carry the man to the car because he was refused to walk.  Upon arrival at the Decatur County Jail, while Sergeant Deen and PSO Mixon were explaining the situation to intake officers, ” Washington turned and spit on PSO Mixon again” (BPS Report).

Gabriel Larod Washington was charged with Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, aggravated battery (felony), public drunk, loitering, aggravated assault (felony), criminal interference with govt property (felony) (2 counts), aggravated assault (felony) (five counts).

Information for this story was obtained from the Bainbridge Public Safety Incident Report.

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