Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail.

  • Oscar Pineda Flores, 57, 609 MLK Drive, Bainbridge, GA, Simple Battery FV; Bryant, BPS
  • Maria Antonia Mora, 46, 611 Martin Luther King Drive, Bainbridge, GA, Aggravated assault (FV); Bryant, BPS
  • Cashonda Felicia Jackson, 34, Bainbridge, GA, Battery – FV; BPS
  • Corey Philmore, 26, Attapulgus, GA, DUI – Misd, simple assault (misd); Evans, BPS
  • Shawn Quinton Butler, 34, Cairo, GA, Accident – striking unattended vehicle; Myers, BPS
  • Christopher Paul Carter, 31, Camilla, GA, Aggravated assault (fel); Jordan, BPS
  • Derek Shaffer, 21, Bainbridge, GA, No drivers license, failure to maintain lane; Green, BPS
  • Benjamin Bradley Brogdon, 47, Bainbridge, GA, Seatbelt violation, tail light and tag light requirements, headlight requirements, improper exhaust system (misd), tire requirements (misd), reckless driving (misd), defective equipment – no horn, headlights, tail (misd), bumper req (misd), too fast for conditions (misd), windshields and windshield wipers requirement (misd); McMillan, BPS
  • Freddie Lee Hicks, 53, Bainbridge, GA, Accident – hit and run – property damage or injury – fail to stop, leave scene (misd); Strickland, BPS
  • Edward Johnson, 38, Bainbridge, GA, Disorderly conduct (misd); Richardson, BPS
  • Eugene Jackson, 57, Bainbridge, GA, Disorderly conduct (misd); Strickland, BPS
  • Patricia Jeffery Akins, 53, Bainbridge, GA, Disorderly conduct (misd); Strickland, BPS
  • Jahmaar Raheem Jeffery, 35, Bainbridge, GA, Disorderly conduct (misd); Strickland, BPS
  • Desmond Raver Burke, 18, Bainbridge, GA, Disorderly conduct (misd), reckless conduct (misd), criminal trespass (misd); Mixon, BPS
  • Andreika Lynnette Harper, 28, Bainbridge, GA, Accident – hit and run – property damage or injury – failure to stop, leave scene (misd), reckless driving (misd), improper passing (misd), improper turn right or left (misd), failure to obey stop/yield sign, operating a vehicle while registration is suspended, cancelled or revoked (misd), no insurance (misd), improper or illegal parking (misd), failure to appear (traffic – misd); Akins, BPS
  • Antonio Terrell Smart, 39, Bainbridge, GA, Battery – FV; Barlow, BPS

Format: Name of person charged, age, address, city, charges; Arresting Officer, Arresting Agency

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety
GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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