More Counterfeit Money Circulating in Southwest Georgia

Bainbridge Public Safety responded to multiple calls and made one arrest related to counterfeit money circulating around southwest Georgia over the weekend.

Friday, May 13

The first incident concerning counterfeit money was reported on Friday, May 13 at approximately 9:20 a.m.  The Bainbridge Public Safety Incident report states that Officer Cody Vaughn responded to a call at the Peoples South Bank and made contact with a clerk who stated she had received four counterfeit twenty dollar bills.  The clerk stated a deposit from a local business was made and the money was discovered during the transaction.

The second incident occurred around 12: 39 p.m. of that same day.  Once again, it was Officer Cody Vaughn that responded to the call at the Zip Trip on East River Road.  On this call, the owner of the business informed Officer Vaughn that a “black subject with dreads and wearing a black t-shirt came into the Zip Trip to purchase lottery tickets.  At that time, the subject purchased $84.00 worth of lottery tickets.  The subject handed Patel nine 10 dollar bills. (BPS Report)”  One of the ten dollar bills was determined to be counterfeit.

Saturday, May 14

On Saturday at approximately 5:04 p.m., Officer Chris Hill responded to Woodall’s convenience store on Shotwell Street in Bainbridge.  On location, Officer Hill was informed that a female cashier was presented a counterfeit ten dollar bill.  When she informed the customer that the bill was a fake, the customer replaced the counterfeit bill with an authentic twenty dollar bill.  Officer Hill made contact with the customer who was still on location pumping gas.  The customer informed Officer Hill that he had received the ten dollar bill from the Dollar General store in Gretna as change in a transaction, but didn’t know it was a fake.

Shoplifter Busted with Multiple Counterfeit Bills (and a few other charges)

Earlier in the day on Saturday, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Leroy Akins was dispatched to Family Dollar on Scott Street in Bainbridge in reference to shoplifting.  According to the report, an employee met the officer outside the store and told Officer Akins that “a black male wearing a black hoodie was inside the store stuffing diapers in his pants”.

Officer Akins located the subject wearing a black hoodie, later identified as Adrian Moore, inside the store.  Upon approaching Moore, Officer Akins watched the man start taking diapers out of this pants.  At this time, Officer Akins, assisted by Officer Chris Hill, asked the offender to place his hands behind his back.  However, Moore began to walk away, began resisting arrest and then attempted to run out of the store.  He was apprehended and placed in handcuffs.

Upon searching the suspect, Officer Akins discovered a brown and black bag under his hoodie.  As the officer began to open the bag, Moore took off running through the store’s parking lot with Officers Akins and Hill chasing on foot.  During the chase, Officer Akins fell, but was able to regain his footing and resume the chase across Scott Street.

As the officers closed the distance, Moore tripped and fell on his face.  At this point, Officers Hill and Akins were able to secure the subject and conduct a search of the brown and black bag.

Located in the bag was: (20) Fifty dollar counterfeit currency cash with matching serial numbers, (21) twenty dollar counterfeit currency cash with matching serial numbers, (21) twenty dollar counterfeit currency cash with matching serial numbers, (22) ten dollar counterfeit currency cash, 3 sheets of counterfeit twenty dollar currency cash (matching serial numbers), 3 sheets of counterfeit ten dollar currency cash (matching serial numbers), 3 sheets of counterfeit twenty dollar currency (matching serial numbers), and a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana.  In addition to the fake money and pot, Officers also found a black handgun Glock 27 .40 caliber, a fifteen round Glock magazine with 6 bullets, and a holster.  In Moore’s pocket, officers found a white HTC1 cell phone and a green Samsung flip phone.

Adrian Moore, age 24 of Bainbridge, was arrested and charged with forgery in the first degree, obstruction of a law enforcement officer (2 counts), possession of marijuana (less than one ounce), theft by shoplifting (misd), escape (misd), theft by receiving stolen property (felony), and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

March 2016

Bainbridge Public Safety also responded to several reports of counterfeit money back in March of 2016.  Read that story here.

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