BREAKING NEWS: Truck Crashes into Convenience Store, Driver Flees


Bainbridge, GA (SOWEGALIVE)

A man drove his truck through the front of a convenience store in Bainbridge early Friday morning and then fled the scene.

According to Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Robert Humphrey, Mark Dillon Rutledge, 32, of Cairo, parked the truck in front of the Quick Buys convenience store on Whigham Dairy Road sometime Thursday night.  According to his story, the driver stated he fell asleep, at which point his foot slipped off of the brake pedal and the truck rolled through the plate glass front of the building.  After the accident, the driver fled the scene, but was later apprehended.

When the accident was initially reported, investigators were unsure about what caused the wreck, however, it was later determined to be a traffic accident.  The driver has been charged with the accident, as well as “duty to report accident resulting in property damage”.

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