Beware of Fraudulent Check from DNR

ATLANTA, GA (May 10, 2016) – The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was the victim of a fraudulent check scam. While the checks that were sent out did appear very similar to an official Department check, the check numbers did not align with any outstanding checks written by the Department. The citizens who notified DNR about the possible scam were directed by instructions included with the check to send a text message to a number registered in California after depositing the check.

The check includes the correct Department address and phone number, but they were not sent from DNR. These checks are fraudulent and upon depositing the check, the criminals may have access to your personal banking information.

Should you receive a similar check in the mail, please call the Department of Natural Resources at (404) 656-3500. If you are expecting a refund or some other form of payment from DNR, we suggest you call before depositing those checks and not to follow through with any instructions advising you to make contact after the deposit is made. 

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