Local Parents and Friendly Strangers’ Facebook Post Goes Viral

It’s not often that a baby boy born in the Bainbridge hospital gets national attention, but that is exactly what happened to a local couple when their first born son came into the world on Friday.

Mark and Lindsey Lashley are new parents and found themselves with a set of new friends when a text message announcing the baby’s arrival was sent to a wrong number.  What followed was not exactly what you’d expect.  The owner of the wrong number, Deorick Williams, and his friend decided to show up at the hospital with gifts to welcome baby boy, Cason Knox Lashley, to the world.

Knowing the Lashley’s personally, I’m not surprised that they were the recipients of someone’s kindness.  In fact, you might say they deserved it.  If you know the Lashleys, you know just how kind, good hearted and generous they are.  I’ve seen them give to someone in need.  I’ve seen them actively look for opportunities to help.  I’ve seen them donate their time countless times.  If you know them, you know they probably aren’t entirely thrilled with this attention, nor would they be happy that I’m telling you just how kind they are.  In this case, though, kindness was like a boomerang and allowed them to meet someone who is just as kind as they are.

The original facebook post has now officially gone viral with shares from Houston, to Cincinnati, New York and beyond.

Congratulations to the Lashleys and a big thank you to Deorick Williams for showing us all what kindness really looks like.

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