Dan Stone to Run for Decatur County Magistrate


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Photo from Dan’s Stone’s Facebook Page

Police Captain Dan Stone is announcing his intentions to run for the position of Chief Magistrate for Decatur County.  This position is currently being held by appointment after the retiring of Ralph Smith in December.

A military brat raised all over the United States, he is the son of Maj Dan Stone (USAF RET) and Karen Stone of Monroe Ga. Capt. Stone is a USAF veteran, he is also the father of 4 Bainbridge High School graduates and the grandfather of 2 girls and 2 boys, with another on the way. Capt Stone is decorated 30 year veteran of law enforcement, starting his career with the U.S. Air Force in 1986 and, after leaving the service, he was hired at Bainbridge Public Safety in 1989.  He then left BPS in 1995 to work under Sheriff Hicks Murphy. While at the Decatur County Sheriff’s office in four short years Captain Stone held leadership positions as a training officer, senior deputy and the SWAT team coordinator. He was also the first and only pistol team captain.  In 1999 Captain Stone went to work with the Colquitt Police department where he is the Patrol Commander/Asst. Chief.  Making Captain in 2003, he also serves as the head instructor and code enforcement officer. During the last 17 years, Capt. Stone continued to serve the citizens of Decatur County for many years as a softball coach and umpire. Capt. Stone is member in good standing with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and is a state certified instructor.  He is also married to the former Helen Robison of Valdosta.

Mr. Stone Stated, “The Magistrate court is the first stop in our legal system for most people. The office handles both criminal and civil matters which can affect not only pockets of our citizens, but also their very freedom. It is essential that the person in this position has the experience to to this.  What a lot of people do not understand is the our legal system is based on the premise that you let 100 people go who are guilty before you convict ONE person who is innocent. My office will handle ALL citizens with the respect and dignity they deserve. From the richest, to the poorest EQUALLY!  I have listened to some officers and citizens who have complained to me that things need to change in this office, and under my supervision, the office WILL be ran with the understanding that we work for the very people we are serving and we will treat them with that respect.” 

To contact Capt. Dan Stone email him at djstone31718@gmail.com

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