NEWS: David Cutchin to Run for Decatur County Sheriff

Captain David Cutchin, of Bainbridge Public Safety, has resigned his position with the City of Bainbridge and announced his candidacy for the Sheriff of Decatur County.

Captain Cutchin had been employed by the City of Bainbridge since February 10, 1989.  He previously served in law enforcement for the communities of Graceville, FL, Cottonwood, AL, and Ashford, AL.

City of Bainbridge David Cutchin

Captain Cutchin was recently named as the City of Bainbridge’s Employee of the Year and has been closely involved with the Kids and Cops campaign, an outreach program designed to build relationships between kids and law enforcement.  Last November’s Kids and Cops event was attended by more than 1000 kids.

When asked about his candidacy, Captain Cutchin said, “I have been very happy at Bainbridge Public Safety for 27 years, but I just feel like it was time for me to run for sheriff.  A lot of people want to see some positive change in that department.”

If elected, here are a few things Captain Cutchin would implement at the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office:

  • The Sheriff would have a weekly or monthly radio program to take questions on the air, addressing any issues the citizens may have
  • A Youth Summer Camp
  • The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office would be open to the public twice per year for an Open House

“I believe the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office is owned by the citizens of the county.  For that reason, the Sheriff should be accountable to the citizens.  In order to do that, you gotta interact.” said Captain Cutchin

David Cutchin and his wife, Vicky, have seven children and are members of the Nazarene Church in Bainbridge with the Reverend David Grubbs.  Although he has resigned his position with Bainbridge Public Safety, he plans to continue part time with the county ambulance service.

When asked why he decided to run for Sheriff, Captain Cutchin responded, “I believe I can bring something positive to the Sheriff’s Department”.

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