Decatur County Superintendent to Resign

The Superintendent of Schools for Decatur County, Dr. Fred Rayfield, has informed the Board of Education members and administration of his intention to resign his post at the end of this school year.  Dr. Rayfield has served as Decatur County Superintendent since 2009, succeeding former Superintendent Ralph Jones.

The Union County (Blairsville), Georgia Board of Education named Dr. Rayfield as their sole finalist for their vacant Superintendent position this week.  According to state law, there must be a waiting period of 14 days before they can officially offer an employment contract.  He announced to the Board this morning that it was his intention to accept the  job when it is officially offered.


“My family and I are excited to move to a place we love.   In fact, it’s always been our intention to retire in that area.  Anytime we get a break, that’s where we go.” said Dr. Rayfield.  “At the same time, it’s difficult to leave a community that we tried really hard to develop a good relationship with.  This is a great community here and my family and I appreciate the opportunity to serve here for 6 years.  While we’re happy to transition to a place we love, we’re sad to leave the positive relationships we’ve developed.  We are extremely thankful for the group of people we’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

Dr. Rayfield plans to serve Decatur County until the end of the School Board’s fiscal and school year in June.  He will begin in Union County around the first of July.

Dr. Fred Rayfield and his wife, Teresa, moved to Decatur County after serving the Cook County School System for 7 years.

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