Bainbridge Decatur Chamber Of Commerce Presents Community Awards

The Bainbridge Decatur Chamber of Commerce held its 91st Awards Ceremony Thursday night at the Bainbridge Country Club.

Receiving the Pilot Club Woman Of The Year award was Sheree Hall, presented by Missy Belcher of the Pilot Club.

DCC Sheree Hall

Kiwanis Man of The Year nominees were Jim Beck, Luther Conyers, and David Cutchins. Luther Conyers was presented the 2015 Kiwanis Man Of The Year Award.

DCC Conyers Hobby

The 2015 Small Business Of The Year nominees were Boyds BarbeCue, Dee’s Electric, Yates Concrete, and Godwin Jewelers. The 2015 Small Business Of The Year Award was presented to Ronnie Godwin of Godwin Jewelers.

DCC Ronnie Godwin

The 2015 Chamber Pioneer Award was presented by Chris Hobby to Pioneer Award Winner, Luther Conyers.

Special speaker for the evening was Staff Sgt Luke Murphy, who joined the military at age 17, and was involved in the siege of Baghdad in 2003. On his second tour of duty, some three years later, Sgt Murphy was injured when his Humvee exploded from an AED. Sgt Murphy had both of his legs severed above the knee and barely escaped death after enduring over 30 surgeries and extensive physical therapy. Sgt. Murphy is now a motivational speaker, real estate agent, and the author of an award winning book entitled Blasted By Adversity and is available at

DCC Luke Murphy

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