Stone Mountain to launch freefall thrill attraction in 2016

English: A view of Stone Mountain from the sou...
English: A view of Stone Mountain from the south side early on an autumn morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia’s most-visited attraction, is known for many things — Christmas lights, laser shows and the Confederate carvings are among them
This spring it will add “death-defying leaps into space” to the list.

Around April the park will open an amusement called “The Jump,” which will allow visitors to leap off a platform onto an inflatable air bag two stories below. “It’s looks like a leap of faith, if you will,” said park spokeswoman Jeanine Jones.

Other parks have installed similar attractions, though the first ones you might find online will feature an inflatable bounce house. Stone Mountain’s attraction will be a permanent structure — actually two permanent structures, one for little kids, and one for those 44 inches tall or taller, said Jones.

Thrill-seekers (measuring at least 3-foot-8-inches) will be able to leap from either a 20-foot or a 15-foot platform in the area near the Sky Hike high ropes course. Smaller fry, ages 2 to 6, can choose a more modest leap of less than 10 feet at a different facility near the Camp Highland section of the park.

Jones said the park hopes to open the attractions during the first week of April when many metro schools will be on spring break.

As far as risk is concerned, Jones said Stone Mountain has two safety officers and the staff is trained to operate the facility with care. “We train our staff to be able to help people out,” she said. “Employees will instruct each jumper on the right way to jump.”

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