Southwest Georgia News Roundup: Early Co. man arrested for brutal beating

Early County Sheriff’s Deputies went to an emergency call about 5:00 Monday evening in the 9400 block of Spooner Quarter Road, and found a woman beaten so badly that she was unconscious.

The sheriff said a 31-year-old female victim had multiple injuries to her face and body, and was basically unresponsive.

Deputies arrested Joshua Brandon Grow, 27, at the scene. Sheriff’s Investigators were contacted to process the crime scene and continue the investigation.

Collins was so badly hurt that EMTs took her to Dothan, to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. As of today, she remains hospitalized, and will have to have surgery.

Grow is charged with Aggravated Assault,and is being held in the Early County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

The investigation continues and additional charges may be filed against Grow. (WALB)

Gavel-wielding Meigs mayor rejects criticism during unruly meeting

MEIGS — Mayor Linda Harris wielded her gavel arbitrarily during an unruly Meigs City Council meeting on Monday.

Residents were given a three-minute limit to speak. Harris randomly extended the time for some and suddenly banged her gavel to cut off others when their comments were deemed critical.

The mayor threw blame for the recent governmental chaos in the city, claiming, “There was lots of illegal activity at City Hall and we’re going to take care of that. The illegal practices in the City Hall will be eliminated.”

There were allegations from the council of a misappropriation of city funds. Councilman Jimmy Layton said, “We don’t know where the money has gone. We’re gonna be looking at any and every way to cut back.”

When Harris was questioned by Durwood Hickey about her own possibly illegal activities by hosting a meeting earlier in the day which potentially violated the Open Meeting Act, her response was, “It was a conference with a lot of really good suggestions coming from out of it. Meigs is on the mend.”

Following Hickey, Meigs Police Chief Gary Price tried to show videos of the mayor and several council members confronting City Hall employees to demonstrate the environment under which city employees are working. The mayor said, “These videos were not reviewed by the council. Let me stop this before we get sued. We haven’t had a chance to review these videos and they may be a violation of privacy or something.”

Without playing the recordings, Price attempted to continue his presentation to describe current conditions in Meigs despite several interruptions by Councilwoman Stephanie Battle. He said, “At this point, we have gone through four city clerks, three city managers, two police chiefs and many lawsuits (since Harris became mayor). How long will we continue to endure this? Read More at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise

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