Lightsey, Kilgore sentenced to prison and supervised release in salmonella case

Samuel Lightsey and Frank Kilgore, the two PCA managers at Blakely, GA, who made plea deals with the government to become prosecution witnesses at trial in exchange for reduced prison time, learned their sentences on Thursday morning.

According to WALB, Samuel Lightsey will serve a sentence of 36 months, or three years, in prison and will have an additional three years of supervised release.

WALB also reported that Frank Kilgore will serve a sentence of 72 months, or six years, in prison, with an additional three years of supervised release.

Samuel Lightsey and Daniel Kilgore, who both managed PCA’s Blakely peanut processing plant at various times, together accounted for about 10 of the 35 days of trial testimony a year ago. In what was officially declared a complex criminal case, it was their testimony that allowed the prosecution to get much of the intricate detail put before the jury as evidence.

Jury convictions reached in September 2014 led to last week’s stunning 28-year prison term for former PCA CEO Stewart Parnell, 61, a 20-year term for his peanut broker brother Michael, 56, and five years in a federal women’s prison for Mary Wilkerson, 41, PCA’s quality assurance manager at Blakely.

Below you can read tweets by Wright Gazaway, a WALB reporter who was in the Albany federal courtroom on Thursday morning.

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