Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #4 Autzen Stadium

Oregon Logo 2Autzen Stadium
Built – 1966
Capacity – 54,000
Record Capacity – 60,055 (2011)

What Autzen Stadium lacks in size compared to it’s top ten brethren, it makes up for in sheer sound. One of the loudest and most hostile stadiums in the country, Autzen Stadium is also a fairly young stadium. Before the university broke ground on what stands today way back in 1963, the Ducks played most of their home games over a hundred miles away in Portland. Those days are long gone and the Oregon football team couldn’t ask for a better stadium to call home. Autzen Stadium is always interesting, always loud and always makes opposing teams uneasy and that’s exactly the way the Ducks like it.

Oregon - Autzen Stadium - Empty - Day

Stadiums are only as good as the fans that fill them and Oregon Duck fans have proven to be some of the loudest in the country and their weekly wardrobe isn’t something they have to worry themselves with as the university website sets certain games for fans to wear certain colors which in turn make for a pretty awesome looking experience inside the stadium. Autzen Stadium, which is ironically names after an Oregon State alumn, has cemented itself as one of the top stadiums in the country and it is definitely on my bucket list of stadiums.

Autzen Stadium, Home of the Oregon Ducks
Autzen Stadium, Home of the Oregon Ducks

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