Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #9 Neyland Stadium

Tennessee LogoNeyland Stadium
Built – 1921
Capacity – 102,455
Record Capacity – 109,061 (2004)

There are a few things that stand out as unmistakable in college football. Checker board endzones and ‘Rocky Top’ are two that need no introduction and neither does the number 9 stadium on our countdown, Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. ¬†When Neyland Stadium was first constructed, funds ran out and students and faculty pitched in to complete what is now the West stands of the stadium. Named after General Robert Neyland who coached the Volunteers to national prominence (with two terms of service to the United States military during his tenure), Neyland Stadium¬†is truly a gem of college football.

Tennessee - Neyland Stadium - Day - Empty

The word ‘pageantry’ is used a lot when describing college football and Neyland Stadium with the checker board end zones, the team running through the big ‘T’ before kickoff, the ole bluetick hound howling on the sideline and a sea of orange and white are some images that will always be with every college football fan when they hear that word. Neyland Stadium is also one of the few stadiums in the country accessible by boat and every Saturday, over 200 vessels line the Tennessee River just to the East of the stadium making the ‘Vol Navy’ the largest non-military fleet of vessels in the world.

Neyland Stadium, Home of the Tennessee Volunteers
Neyland Stadium, Home of the Tennessee Volunteers

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