Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #12 Michigan Stadium

Michigan LogoMichigan Stadium
Built – 1927
Capacity – 107,601
Record Capacity – 115,109 (2013, NCAA Record)

When you’re talking about college football stadiums, Michigan Stadium, or ‘The Big House’, as it is more affectionately called is one that needs no introduction. It was built to hold 72,000 people when it was originally constructed all the way back in 1927. It was expanded back in the mid-50’s to hold over 100,000 people which at the time must have seemed like one of the most asinine ideas ever conceived but here we are in 2015 and ‘The Big House’ has had over 200 consecutive football games of over 100,000 people…and they’re still counting.

Michigan - Michigan Stadium - Day - Maize Out

One of the knocks on ‘The Big House’ for a long time was that it was not equipped with lights for night games but in 2013 when it finally was, Michigan Stadium set an NCAA record for attendance. Another knock was that the sound in the stadium didn’t stay in the stadium. Some former Michigan opponents joked that the stadium was louder down the street than it was on the 50-yard line but since the 2012 renovation, acoustically they have, for the most part, fixed that problem. I can imagine that it’s still pretty loud on the field when you’re surrounded by over 100,000 screaming fans in maize and blue.

Michigan Stadium aka 'The Big House', Home of the Michigan Wolverines
Michigan Stadium aka ‘The Big House’, Home of the Michigan Wolverines

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