Southern Football Report Helmet Countdown: #4 Missouri

Missouri Logo 2This is one of the more modern of the helmets on the countdown & Missouri even has a couple more renditions of their helmet but this one that was unveiled back in 2012, is by far my favorite. I was never a fan of their classic black helmet with the ‘M’ on the side and the three stripes on top. They looked like a black and gold Marshall. The matte black paint job with the big, gold & almost abstract looking Tiger on the side is unmistakable. Plus, the simplicity of it is the best part. There is no trim or frill, just matte black and cheddar gold.

Missouri - Helmet - Matte Black 2


The Tigers do have a few more helmets that they could toss out which includes a version of this helmet where the Tiger is chrome and not gold. I am not a fan of that one. I’m also not a fan of their tiger stripe pattern that they attempt to put on everything. If they just leave this helmet alone they’ll continue to be winners in the looks department.

Missouri - Helmet - Matte Black

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