Southern Football Report Helmet Countdown: #5 Purdue

Purdue LogoI know this one it a little out of left field but I am a huge fan of the black and gold color combination & most of the time the Purdue Boilermakers use them to perfection. The traditional Purdue helmet is number 5 on our Top 5 countdown because of the combination of it’s simplicity and use of colors. The non-shimmering gold base color behind a black facemask give it the perfect working man look. Toss a single black stripe down the middle with a big black ‘P’ on the side and you have, in my opinion, one of the great helmets in college football.

Purdue - Helmet - Gold


That’s not to say that Purdue hasn’t had their fair share of train wrecks (ah, thank you) because last year they had two hideous renditions. One had lime green & the other had railroad tracks running down the middle. Ew. Just stick to the tried and true black and gold and everything will be okay, Purdue.

Purdue - Helmets - Group


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