Bainbridge bypass damaged after semi truck accident

1438352142782314383522054520A section of the Bainbridge U.S. 27/84 bypass was badly damaged after a semi truck accident at around 12 a.m. Friday, July 31, according to Bainbridge Public Safety.

According to BPS, a flatbed semi trailer truck hauling a steel roll turned over on the bypass, at a point where it crosses over the dirt part of E. College Street near the Earle May Boat Basin. The steel roll, which weighed approximately 44,000 pounds, fell off the flatbed trailer and gouged a large hole in the asphalt, and also damaged a guard rail.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is working on the bypass Friday morning and has closed off part of one lane for about 300 yards; the location is between the Shotwell Street exit and the Faceville Highway exit.

We are working to get more information on the accident; please check back for updates.

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