New traffic light at Bainbridge High School in flash mode; fully operational by July 29

Traffic coming out of Bainbridge High School currently has a red light (acting like the stop sign) but come July 29, students, teachers and visitors will have to get used to waiting for the red light to change before safely crossing U.S. Highway 84.

BAINBRIDGE – The Georgia Department of Transportation announces the new traffic signal at the intersection of US 84/State Route 38 at Bearcat Boulevard (Bainbridge High school) entered flash mode yesterday around noon. If the test mode goes well, the signal should be fully operational at 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 29.

The Department urges motorists and pedestrians alike to be aware of a new traffic environment in this area. Be patient and cautious as everyone gets accustomed to the signal.

If an operational traffic signal happens to malfunction, motorists should proceed with caution if they are facing a flashing yellow light and yield to vehicles and pedestrians already in the intersection. A flashing red light means motorists should come to a complete stop, just like at a stop sign.  If power is out and the traffic signals are off, please treat the intersection as an all-way stop. When it is safe to do so, please call 511 or visit  to report the malfunction to the Georgia DOT.

 DriveAlert ArriveAlive calls attention to an alarming increase in roadway fatalities across Georgia, many resulting from preventable crashes and distracted driving. DriveAlert ArriveAlive implores motorists to buckle up; stay off the phone and no texting; and drive alert. Visit #ArriveAliveGA

The new traffic light at Bainbridge High School is in flashing yellow mode for traffic on U.S. 84 East between Bainbridge and Climax; however, the light will turn into a red light on July 29.

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