Boats damaged but no one seriously hurt after Lake Seminole accident

motor_boatNo one was seriously hurt after a bass fishing boat collided with a pontoon boat on Lake Seminole the afternoon of Sunday, July 12, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division.

The accident happened at about 1 p.m. Sunday on a part of the lake located within Seminole County, said DNR Law Enforcement Ranger Tony Cox.

“The accident happened on a bend in the lake, near the spot of a bad accident that occurred several years ago,” Cox said. He said the accident site was not far from the Cypress Pond boat landing.

pontoon_boatThe people riding on the two boats included two teenagers, and two adult couples, according to Cox, who said the accident was still being investigated.

However, all of the people involved declined to be taken to hospitals by ambulance.

Boat boats received significant damage had to be “floated” back to the Cypress Pond boat landing, Cox said. The bass boat had wound up in some trees along the river bank and its motor no longer worked.

Cox asked people to remember key boating safety tips:

  • Make sure everyone aboard, kids and adults, are wearing life jackets
  • Don’t go too fast through a turn or bend on a river or lake
  • Be prepared for other boaters, water-skiiers and jet-skiiers who may be in the water
  • Don’t operate a boat if you’ve been drinking


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  1. The DNR needs to post no wake signs in the tight blind turns in the canals. There have been several accidents already. You two boat headed toward each other and neither vessel can see the other. sometimes they’re are boats running 50 -65 MPH in the canals . I hope it doesn’t take a death before DNR or someone steps up to the plate and fixes this dangerous issue.

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