Deputies’ trial entering last phases: what’s next

The federal courthouse in Albany, Ga.
The federal courthouse in Albany, Ga.

The trial of the four Sheriff’s deputies indicted by a federal jury in connection with an incident at the 2012 Bainbridge Bikefest is entering its final stages this week.

The trial was set to resume on Monday morning at 8 a.m. after an eventful Friday at the federal courthouse in Albany, Ga.

The prosecution rested its presentation of evidence first thing Friday, leaving the rest of the day for the four defendants’ attorneys to call their witnesses.

Outside of the jury’s presence, Judge Louis Sands asked each of the defendants whether or not they planned to testify on the witness stand.

Liz Croley said she would not testify; while the other three defendants, Chris Kines, Wade Umbach and Wiley Griffin IV, each said they would wait to make a final decision later in the trial, but before the conclusion of the defense’s presentation of evidence.

Judge Sands told the jury that after talking with attorneys for both sides, he believes closing statements may happen Monday or Tuesday, after which the jury will receive its final instructions, and the case will be sent to the jury for their deliberation.

Each of the four defendants’ attorneys have also made motions for the judge to make what is known as a directed verdict; essentially asking him to acquit their clients on each count before sending the case to the jury. However, Judge Sands said Friday he was reserving judgement on those motions until a later point.

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