BSC Study Abroad Program offers opportunity to study in Italy & France, May 2016

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy
The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

What: Bainbridge State College’s Study Abroad Program will offer students the opportunity to study abroad.
Where: France & Italy
When: May 9-22, 2016; DEADLINE : July 23, 2015

By Jenny Harper
Biology Professor, Bainbridge State College

For those of you who do not know much about a study abroad let me explain some aspects of a travel abroad program. You can receive college credit for traveling. What could be better?

Bainbridge State College will be offering several different courses and as an enrolled BSC student, you could receive anywhere from 3 to 13 credit hours if you participate in this study abroad program.

The courses being offered include STAB 2003 (this is study abroad and applies in Area B of Associate of Arts degrees), BIOL 1050/1050 L (Environmental Biology and its lab), HUMN 2700 (International Film), ENGL 2116 (Travel Writing), ENGL 2112 (World Literature II) and ANTH 1102 (Intro to Anthropology). You would receive the credit during Summer Semester 2016.

Tuition for the courses you choose to take is not included in the cost of the trip. You would need to pay it separately. If you get financial aid, then tuition could be covered by that. If not, then you would pay your tuition out of your own pocket. The cost of the program is around $4,700. I know that is very expensive, but we will be offering scholarships for students to go on this trip.

The dates are from May 9-22, 2016. This is between spring and summer semesters for all colleges in the state, so you will not miss anything in terms of class being in session.

Even if you transfer or graduate from Bainbridge State College, you could still come back here next summer for this program and take a course as a transient student. BSC professors offering courses for this trip include Dr. Jenny Harper (Biology), Dr. Michael Kirkland (History and Humanities), Dr. Patrick Smith (English and Literature) and Ridge Harper (Anthropology).

What will we do on the trip? You will not believe all that we have packed into two weeks in Europe. We will fly out of Tallahassee into Paris, France. We will spend four nights in Paris and our activities will include: Paris sightseeing tours, Arc de Triomphe, Seine River cruise, dining at a local restaurant for a French 3 course meal, tour of Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, full day tour of the Monet House and Gardens in Giverny and a tour of Versailles.

We will then travel by bullet train to Milan, Italy. From Milan, we will have a full day tour of Milan and Como. After Milan, we will travel to Florence. From Florence, we will visit Cinque Terre, Pisa (leaning tower of Pisa), Lucca, and finally, a full day tour of Florence where we will visit Il Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and Statue of David.

Our final stop will be Rome, but before we reach Rome we will have a visit to Orvieto for a walking tour, the cathedral, and the Orvieto Underground. We will spend four days in Rome. Highlights from Rome include a full day tour of the Vatican and Historical Rome, Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, Roman Forum, a day trip to Pompeii, and a day of leisure to explore. We will finish our journey with a return flight to Tallahassee from Rome.

Are you interested? Let me know. We would love for you to travel with us. Contact Jenny Harper at for more information.

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