Memorial Hospital earns 4-star rating

4 starsMemorial Hospital and Manor Achieves 4 Star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

On April 20, 2015, Memorial Hospital and Manor received a report containing their overall patient satisfaction star rating. A rating was given to every Medicare/Medicaid participating hospital in the United States. Stars were given from 1-5, with a one being the lowest score and a five being the highest score. Medicare assigned these stars to show how patients graded their stay at each hospital. There were a total of 100 hospitals rated in the State of Georgia. The average rating for those 100 hospitals was 3.2 stars, with only 4 hospitals in the State of Georgia receiving 5 stars.

The star breakdown for Georgia is as follows:
1 Star= 2%
2 Stars= 18%
3 Stars= 46%
4 Stars= 30%
5 Stars= 4%

memorial_logoMemorial Hospital and Manor received 4 Stars for their patient satisfaction survey scores.

Billy Walker, CEO of Memorial Hospital, stated “We are very proud and excited about our 4 star ranking. The mission of Memorial Hospital and Manor is to deliver courteous, respectful, safe, and quality care to every patient, every time. We are committed to providing care with compassion to every patient, every time. Our 4 Star ranking confirms that we are providing a higher level of service, and that our patients have noticed. We will continue to look for ways to improve, and we will continue to focus on our patients, their families, and our community. Our staff is truly the reason for our 4 star rating, and we want to thank all of our Employees, Physicians, Providers, and Volunteers for providing excellent care to our patients.”

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