BSC students show off talents in “9 to 5” production

BSC_9_to_5Two Bainbridge State College students are working from “9 to 5,” balancing the life of student and thespian.

Josh Lane and Taylor Lawhorn are both full-time students as BSC who manage to find the time to give back to their community while exhibiting their educational skills and love of the stage.

This weekend, they will be a part of the cast opening the Colquitt-Miller Arts Council’s production of “9 to 5”, based on the 1985 hit movie with Dolly Parton.

Lawhorn, BSC student ambassador and Early Childhood Education major, has performed for the past five years and feels right at home on stage.

“Many people say being on stage makes them uncomfortable—but for me this is my comfort zone,” she said.

She has also discovered it has helped better prepare her for her future in the classroom.

“By being involved in the theater, it has really benefited my degree program,” said Lawhorn. “It has made me even more creative—which is very important when working with small children in a classroom. You must find creative methods for teaching these young students.”

Whereas Lawhorn prefers being on stage—Josh Lane, a second-semester General Studies student at BSC, prefers being a “behind the scenes guy;” however, in this production he will be in the spotlight taking on the role of DeWayne Rhodes.

He said, “I usually like to stay behind the scenes. I like to make things happen without anyone knowing it was me.”

Lane plans to further his education with a career in Music Production and Editing. He believes the skills he has learned in the theater will help him with his future plans.

“Just like in music production and editing, making a theater production possible is a team effort,” said Lane. “Making this production come together is something we can be proud of and something for the community to enjoy, but teamwork—that’s what makes it all possible.”

Both Lawhorn and Lane can be seen working hard this weekend and next weekend in “9 to 5” at Cotton Hall Theater in Colquitt. For more information on show times and tickets, visit

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