Police track cell phone to find stolen car; suspect arrested

Isaac-MountLast Friday, Bainbridge police were able to recover a car stolen from a local convenience store by using a cell phone trace, investigators said.

At 1:55 p.m. Friday, a Seminole County woman reported she had parked her Kia car at the Country Store at 835 Dothan Road and came back outside to find it gone.

The woman told officers she had left her cell phone in her car, which gave investigators an idea. They called the woman’s cell phone company, which was able to pinpoint the phone’s location using GPS.

After further investigation, Public Safety officers got a tip that Isaac Mount of Bascom, Fla., was possibly driving the car.

Investigators called the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and deputies there used GPS coordinates to find the missing car in Leary, Ga., about 54 miles north of Bainbridge. The keys were still in the ignition.

Later on Friday afternoon, Calhoun County deputies arrested Isaac Mount, who was charged by BPS with theft by taking a motor vehicle, a felony.

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