Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports, 3/8 to 3/9 logo

The following arrests and citations, occurring between March 8 and March 9, were reported by Bainbridge Public Safety and the Decatur County Jail:

  • LaDonta Darryl Milline, 23, 1201 E. Broughton St., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime (felony), obstruction of law enforcement officer (misdemeanor); C. Nix, BPS;
  • Shannon Diane Garcia, 38, 2966 Collins Road, Whigham, Ga., failure to appear (misdemeanor); F. Williams, BPS;
  • Melissa Kay Anderson, 28, 1122 Anderson St., Bainbridge, driving while license suspended/revoked, seat belt violation; T. Anderson, GSP;
  • Shandolyn Pittman, 41, 921 Palmetto St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); J. Barlow, BPS;
  • Stephen James Bush, 23, 704 Old Faceville Road, Bainbridge, probation violation (misdemeanor); H. Dean, BPS;
  • Casey Scott, 23, 269 Sam Scott Road, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct (misdemeanor); J. Barlow, BPS;
  • Jimmy Jarod Pittman, 18, 930 Water St., Bainbridge, failure to appear (misdemeanor); C. Avery, BPS;
  • John Henry Ware IV, 21, 1330 5th St., Bainbridge, theft by taking (misdemeanor), speeding (misdemeanor); C. Avery, BPS;
  • Aaron Smart Garyle, 25, 2505 Old Whigham Road, Bainbridge, possession of marijuana (misdemeanor); tail light and tag light requirements, driving while license suspended/revoked, possession of drug-related objects; J. Glover, BPS;
  • Carletha Renarda Robertson, 407-A E. Broughton St., Bainbridge, deposit account fraud; C. Avery, BPS;
  • Latoya Hamilton, 404 E. Louise St., Bainbridge, deposit account fraud; B. Donalson, SO;
  • James Sparks, 247 Davis Lane, Bainbridge, obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor); B. Donalson; SO.


Format: Name of person charged, age, address, city, charges; Arresting Officer, Arresting Agency
SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety
GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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