Police investigating fatal shooting in Bainbridge on Friday afternoon

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Bainbridge Public Safety is investigating a fatal shooting that happened on the 1000 block of Water Street in Bainbridge on Friday afternoon.

At about 4:35 p.m., BPS officers responded to 1015 E. Water Street after receiving a call a man had been shot, BPS Major Robert Humphrey said Friday night. The victim was 27-year-old Ricardo James.

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Police have identified a suspect in the shooting and were searching for him as of 8 p.m. Friday night, said Major Humphrey, chief investigator for BPS.

When officers arrived at 1015 Water Street, Ricardo James had already been taken away from the scene in a private vehicle. He was later pronounced dead at Memorial Hospital, according to Humphrey.

The cause of death was a chest wound from a single bullet. However, witnesses reported hearing 4-5 shots and officers recovered approximately 6-7 shell casings from the intersection of Water Street and Sims Street, where the shooting is believed to have occurred. The victim apparently walked a short way to the yard of 1015 Water Street before collapsing, Humphrey said.

At this time, BPS officers believe there was only one handgun involved in the shooting.

One bullet went through the window of the residence at 1015 E. Water Street and was found embedded in a wall. There were several children inside the home when the shooting happened, however, there were no additional injuries.

We will update this page with any further information we receive.

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  1. we need the task force back.. we need the guys out here more often..the gangs are taking over our town..i grew up here, I live in the house I grew up in, after traveling the world , I love Bainbridge, but these thugs are taking over.. 98% of the ppl on water street are good ppl but a few are killing the rest. can’t we have more protection? Please … even the police have moved out of this area..we need more, from one who’s heard the shots !!!! one too many times.!!!

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