Recent DNR Law Enforcement Reports for Southwest Georgia

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division office in Albany, Ga., reported the following incidents from January. To view a full list of incidents reported by DNR rangers across Georgia and see accompanying pictures, visit


Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Region V- Albany (Southwest)

On January 1st, Sgt. Rick Sellars responded to a complaint of subjects hunting deer on Silver Lake WMA. Two
hunters were located and cited for hunting on a closed WMA. The area was only open for small game hunting
at the time.

On January 4th, RFC Tony Cox responded to a landowner complaint of deer hunters hunting without wearing the required fluorescent orange clothing. Upon arriving on the scene, RFC Cox observed three hunters sitting on the ground, armed with a shotgun, muzzle loader, and crossbow. RFC Cox checked the hunters, and found that only one of them had a hunting license. Two of the hunters were cited for non-residents hunting without a license, without a big game license, and hunting deer without wearing fluorescent orange. The other subject was cited for hunting deer without wearing fluorescent orange.

On January 9th, RFC Tony Cox observed a hunter with a small spike buck strapped on his ATV. The hunter was checked, and found to have already killed a 4 point buck earlier in the season. The subject was cited for taking over the limit of small bucks, and the deer was confiscated.

On January 17th, RFC Tony Cox was patrolling Lake Seminole when he encountered a duck hunter who had taken over the limit of Canvasback ducks. The hunter was cited for taking over the limit, and the ducks were confiscated.

On January 8th, Ranger Steve Thomas responded to a complaint of subjects hunting from the road. The complainant followed the suspects until they were stopped by a deputy. Ranger Thomas investigated the incident and cited two subjects for hunting from a road and hunting from a vehicle.

On December 28th, Ranger Steve Thomas checked several subjects hunting ducks on private property. One of
the hunters was in possession of 6 wood ducks and was cited for taking over the daily limit, and his ducks were

On January 6th, Ranger Steve Thomas was on patrol when he encountered several hunters on a dove field that he found to be baited. He issued citations to thirteen hunters for hunting over bait, three for taking over the daily limit, and one for unlawful enticement of game. Thomas confiscated 156 dove in this incident.

On the evening of January 21st, Cpl. Greg Wade and RFC Jon Penuel heard shots coming from a swamp, twenty minutes after legal hunting time for ducks had ended. The Rangers set up surveillance and made contact with four subjects as they exited the swamp. Citations were issued to the subjects for hunting waterfowl after hours, hunting without federal duck stamp, hunting without a hunting license and hunting without Georgia waterfowl license.

On January 14th, Sgt. Rick Sellars conducted a patrol in an area where he had previously encountered a deer hunter, whom was later identified as a convicted felon. The suspect’s truck was located, and contained a shotgun in the seat, along with an empty rifle case. Sgt. Sellars then tracked the subject to a deer stand, seized the suspect’s rifle and shotgun and charged him for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

On January 2nd, Sgt. Rick Sellars conducted a patrol on an area where he had received two separate complaints
of night hunting activity. Shortly before midnight, a vehicle was observed illuminating fields with headlights,
and was stopped. The driver of the vehicle admitted to seeing a big buck in the area earlier, and stated that they
went home to get a rifle and shoot him. Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested for hunting deer at night,
hunting big game from a public road, and hunting from a vehicle.

On the evening of January 2nd, Cpl.’s Greg Wade and Robbie Griner were checking a complaint area and
located a truck parked in the back of a field. The two Rangers made contact with a hunter who had no hunting
license or identification on him. Upon checking the subject through DNR’s licensing system and verifying his
identity, it was determined that he was a convicted felon. He was then placed under arrest for felon in
possession of a firearm and transported to jail.

On January 9th, Cpl. Robbie Griner responded to a hunting without permission complaint. Upon arrival, Cpl. Griner located the suspect loading a doe deer into his vehicle. After investigating the complaint further, it was learned the hunter did have permission to hunt the property but had taken the deer without any hunting licenses. The subject was cited for the violations and the deer confiscated.

On January 20th, Ranger Eric White located four subjects hunting ducks in a large cypress pond. White found evidence that indicated the pond had been baited so he and Corporal Griner conducted a search of the pond. The four subjects were charged with hunting ducks over bait.

On January 25th, Cpl. Robbie Griner and Cpl. Greg Wade located five subjects hunting ducks in an area of flooded timber. While Cpl. Griner inspected the hunters’ licenses, bag limits and shotguns; Cpl. Wade inspected the pond and found it to be baited. The five hunters were charged for hunting over bait and two were charged for hunting without a federal waterfowl stamp. Six ducks were confiscated.

On January 20th, Ranger Eric White concluded a two-week investigation in Dougherty and Mitchell Counties that involved the illegal dumping of tires at multiple locations throughout the two counties. Ranger White, with assistance from Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jimmy Dixon and Albany Code Enforcement Officer Arthur Butler, identified the business where the tires originated. The business owner was charged with unlawful dumping of egregious litter by Albany Code Enforcement.

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