Sowegalive Film Review: The Interview

The Interview 3The Interview is the movie that caused Sony & the theater companies in the United States to freak out & not show the film cue to terrorists’ threats on the theaters that showed the movie. One side of me says that Americans have the freedom to read, watch or listen to whatever we feel the urge to as is protected by the Constitution. The other side of me, after seeing the film, understands why another country would find this movie offensive. Either way, if you like raunchy comedy, The Interview is absolutely hilarious.

The storyline of The Interview is pretty simple: American television personality Dave Skylark, played by James Franco, attempts to land an interview with North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un but the CIA attempts to use Skylark to assassinate the dictator. Chaos ensues. Dave Skylark is your stereotypical television personality who has no time to think about others but ,in the end, somehow manages to be loved by just about everyone he meets. Skylark’s best friend/producer Aaron Rapaport, played by Seth Rogen, is really who carries the film and the relationship between the two is what you would expect from a film with Seth Rogen & James Franco as the two lead actors; lots of one-liners & catchy quips that you can’t wait to use in conversation with your friends.

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Once the CIA’s far-fetched plan is in place, the two men travel to North Korea to interview the reclusive leader and almost immediately the plan is botched which sends the two on a downward spiral to failure. When Skylark finally meets Kim Jong Un, they go off on their own for a day of fun and adventure where Kim comes across as an extremely timid yet likeable guy. He enjoys a good margarita, Katy Perry & blowing things up in his tank that was a gift to his grandfather from Joseph Stalin, which Skylark quickly corrects, is pronounced ‘Stal-lone’. Once Skylark gets to hang out with Kim Jong Un, he begins to have second thoughts about killing such a fun guy but Rapaport, again, is the voice of reason and the attempted assassination is back on.

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This movie is supposed to still be in theaters at the moment so I love how it’s been available on YouTube, Netflix & the like for a while now. With that being said, the ending isn’t much of a giveaway at the moment but it’s the delivery of how the ending was reached that was what made The Interview worth watching. It was said to me,”There is by far nothing cuter than James Franco holding a puppy!” which happens towards the end of the movie. When you sign up to watch a movie with Seth Rogen & James Franco, you know what you’re getting yourself into so I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who doesn’t enjoy foul language or to anyone who doesn’t have a crude sense of humor. If you don’t mind some or even a lot of, foul language and also have a crude sense of humor, this is easily the funniest movie you’ll watch in months. Plus, perfect use of the song ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry ties the whole thing together.

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  1. Speaking about the Interview, after spending a long time in Korea I thought the movie was about the nearest nothing I have seen in a long time. The landscape and the whole setting was bogus. Being all that said, it was a sorry excuse for a movie.

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