Take our Poll – Should the Bainbridge Boat Basin train be kept where it is?


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  1. My heart aches at the thought of moving the train away from our small town where there isn’t much for our children to do for entertainment. My grandchildren and great grands have and still do enjoy going to the train just to climb in and out of it and I enjoy watching them having fun playing on it. I would like to see a shelter built over it to protect it from further wear from the elements. Please do not allow it to leave Bainbridge!!! Many people have beautiful memories there.

  2. I grew up in the beautiful Virginia coal mine area. I lived there until I was 62 and I love telling people that I can still walk on gravels barefoot because I learned to run on cinders from the steam engines! For those of you who do not want the train to go to Corbin I would like to say we didn’t want all of our mines to close and people leave but it happened. Are you willing to spend the taxpayer’s money on restoring this train? It is my understanding that nothing has been done in Bainbridge to secure it and it is almost destroyed. It seems your money would be well spent on building playgrounds for your children than taking a chance of one getting injured or God forbid killed playing on this old engine. Corbin deserves this train and it is my understanding it will be restored. Please give back this piece of history to Corbin, as I know what it means to lose it!!!

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