SWGTC Honors Outstanding Students at President’s Reception

On January 12, 2015, Southwest Georgia Technical College (SWGTC) hosted a President’s Reception to honor exceptional students. The students who were recognized included those on the President’s List and Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2014, students named “Student of the Semester” for Fall Semester 2014, and scholarship recipients for Spring Semester 2015.

Fifty one students made the President’s List for Fall Semester 2014. Each semester, SWGTC recognizes students who have accomplished high academic achievement through the President’s List. In order to qualify for the President’s List, students must meet two criteria: earn a grade of “A” in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College. Each student was awarded a certificate and token of recognition from the College. President’s List designees for Fall Semester 2014 include: Jill Baggett of Boston, Wendy Beatty of Thomasville, Jennifer Bryant of Thomasville, Harrison Butler of Thomasville, Chaffe Carraway of Thomasville, Myra Carter of Thomasville, Lauren Clayton of Moultrie, Jodi Cooper of Camilla, Tina Davis of Thomasville, Marc DeNino of Thomasville, Neidi Diaz of Baconton, Kimberly Duncan of Thomasville, Catherine Ethridge of Camilla, Addison Frasch of Thomasville, Patricia Garmon of Thomasville, Mindy Godwin of Pelham, Virginia Hancock of Boston, Brandy Hogate of Thomasville, Amber Hooks of Cairo, David Inman of Thomasville, Stephanie Jefferson of Thomasville, Haley Jensen of Thomasville, Lisa Jones of Albany, Mary Kersey of Whigham, Kaley Lamon of Moultrie, Danny Laska of Thomasville, Diamond Laster of Albany, Dustin Long of Thomasville, Kyle Long of Thomasville, Blanca Lopez of Sale City, Loraine Magnuson of Tallahassee, Jennifer McBride of Cairo, Elisha McDaniel of Meigs, Aaron McPherson of Thomasville, Ryan Mercado of Cairo, Courtney Mercer of Cairo, Thomas Oates of Thomasville, Shana Richardson of Cairo, Ciara Robertson of Cairo, Miranda Sanders of Thomasville, Jordan Sellars of Pelham, Frankie Simones of Thomasville, Caleb Simpson of Thomasville, Zoe Smith of Thomasville , Lashondra Stubbs of Bainbridge, Emma Thedford of Thomasville, Ashley Todd of Pelham, Dawn Wagner of Thomasville, Malcolm Williams of Thomasville, Camille Wood of Albany, and Lori Yerkes of Boston.

The Spring 2015 ceremony marked the first time students have been recognized for Dean’s List and 60 students achieved the honor. To qualify for Dean’s List students must have completed between 9 and 11 semester credit hours and have earned an A in all coursework attempted. Each student was awarded a certificate and token of recognition from the College. Dean’s List designees for Fall Semester 2014 include: Eric Alligood of Thomasville, Lisa Anderson of Ochlocknee, Rebekah         Arwood of Thomasville, Veronica Bable of Thomasville, David Banister of Ochlocknee, Hope Bentley of         Thomasville, Caitlin Blair of Boston, Gloria Brinson of Thomasville, Kaylyn Brinson of Cairo, Mary Brooks of Meigs, Tanner Brooks of Pelham, Lauren Cassels of Whigham, Nicholas Conti of Thomasville, Lauren Corley of Cairo, Lemorn Cornell of Whigham,  Virginia Cosson of Tallahassee,  Selena Dekle of Ochlocknee,  Savanna DeValle of Cairo, Selea DeValle of Cairo, Christopher Dietz of Thomasville, Jordan Dubose of Cairo, Amanda Dukes of Camilla, Keaton Dumas of Cairo, Herath Ekanayake of Tallahassee, Amanda Eldridge of Moultrie, Jacqueline Fielding of Cairo, Amber Forehand of Thomasville, April Hataway of Ochlocknee, Michael Hayes of Thomasville, Jessica Henry of Valdosta, Tommy Hill of Thomasville, Angela Hopkins of Ochlocknee, Brittany Hurst of Thomasville, Kandice Hurst of Moultrie, Kayla Johnson of Ochlocknee, Amber Kelley of Cairo, Kelli Kennedy of Moultrie, Brice Knight of Thomasville, Toni Knight of Thomasville, Jennifer Losee of Hahira, Lindsey McManus of Cairo, Rachel McNeill of Ochlocknee, Carson Minor of Thomasville, Joshua Monk of Ochlocknee, Chris Mullins of Ochlocknee, Casey Nimmo of Tallahassee, Eddie Owen of Tallahassee, Ashlie Parker of Pavo, Anokhi Patel of Camilla, Toni Perryman of Thomasville, Kelly Rasmussen of Tallahassee, Charley Roberts of Ochlocknee, Joy Slaughter of Thomasville, Brenda Stanley of Pelham, Stephanie Strickland of Tallahassee, Roman Taylor of Pelham, Jeremy Watson of Pavo, Kayla Winbigler of Thomasville, Jack Woods of Pelham, and Kelley Young of Thomasville.

Additionally, six students were named Student of the Semester for Fall Semester 2014.  The Student of the Semester is awarded to one student from each division based on academic achievement, dedication, and work ethic.  Instructors have the opportunity to nominate a student at the end of each semester. Then, nominees are reviewed by the Student Activities Department who selects a winner from each division at SWGTC. Students selected for Summer Semester 2014 were Dave Banister (School of Industrial Technology), Tina Davis (School of Professional Services), Amber Forehand (School of Business and Computer Technology), Jacob O’Hearn (School of Arts and Sciences Online), Myra Carter (School of Arts and Sciences) and Virginia Cosson (School of Health Sciences). Each student was awarded a certificate and a $50 gas card provided by the SWGTC Student Council.

Student recipients of merit-based scholarships for Spring Semester 2015 were also recognized.  These scholarships assist students with education related costs such as tuition, clinical scrubs, dissection kits, books, and much more. Scholarships were awarded as follows: Albert and Esther Thomson Scholarship – Myra Carter of Thomasville, Loraine Magnuson of Tallahassee, Bridget Sangfield of Thomasville, Joy Slaughter of Thomasville, and Bethany Tadpole of Thomasville; William Howard Flowers and Maury Tice Flowers / Archbold Medical Center Scholarship – Telesia Adkins of Thomasville, Raven Brown of Adel, Crystal Dire of Blackshear, Squire Dison of Valdosta, Angela Esther of Cairo, Stephanie Hall of Valdosta, Nakesha King of Moultrie, Maia Lucas of Thomasville, Abigail Moore of Thomasville, and Casey Nimmo of Tallahassee; Debbie Griffiths Nursing Scholarship – Maia Lucas of Thomasville; Gap Scholarship – Jill Bagett of Boston, Carrie Bowden of Thomasville, Lauren Clayton of Moultrie, Sarah Sammons of Thomasville, Kayla Stelt of Valdosta; Grady County Students Scholarship – Angela Baze of Pelham, Angela Esther of Cairo, and Mary Kersey of Whigham; Growing Nurses Recruitment Scholarship – Sheila Butler of Dawson, Mary Kaitlin Cassels of Tallahassee, Keizzie Collins of Moultrie, Nakesha King of Moultrie, Sherry Ludden of Tifton, Juwante Martin of Donalsonville, Barbara Meeks of Waycross, Joshua Mimbs of Thomasville, Brandy Sharpe of Thomasville, and Becky Strahan of Coolidge; Jump Start Health Sciences Recruitment Scholarship – Barbara Meeks of Waycross; Kathryn Read Nursing Scholarship – Jessica Nelson of Thomasville; Kiwanis Club of Thomasville Scholarship – Melisa Rodriguez of Coolidge; Lillie Jackson Gregory Memorial Scholarship – Christie Miller of Thomasville; Maddox Veterinary Technology Scholarship – Katherine Rigdon of Valdosta; Mitchell County Students Scholarship – Ashleigh Davis of Camilla and Shanna Sheppard of Pelham; Non-Traditional Student Scholarship – Tina Davis of Thomasville; Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship – Teresa Crumby of Boston; Red Hills Radiology Scholarship – Kimberly Hill of Climax.

“The SWGTC Foundation is proud to have awarded over $32,000 in scholarships this semester. Scholarships are only made available because of the generosity of our donors. We sincerely thank and appreciate each of you. Without you, many of our students would not be able to afford books, tuition, or program related supplies,” commented Amy Maison, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, Marketing and Public Relations.

SWGTC would like to congratulate all of the honorees from this year’s reception.

SWGTC offers more than 80 certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Many of these programs provide training for some of the nation’s fastest-growing career fields including Nursing, Automotive Technology, Clinical Laboratory Technology, and Emergency Medical Technology. More information may be obtained by calling 229-225-4096 or by logging onto www.southwestgatech.edu.

Summer Semester 2015 begins May 18th! Don’t wait, enroll today!

A unit of the Technical College System of Georgia.

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