Bainbridge Public Safety officers now wearing body cameras

Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Jayson Myers shows the new body cameras that BPS officers are now wearing and using to record videos of their police work.


News Release
Bainbridge Public Safety Chief, Eric Miller, announced on Friday, January 9 that all of his officers are now equipped with body cameras.

According to Miller, officer-worn cameras provide an added layer of public and officer safety, drastically reduce claims of officer misconduct, and promote thorough investigations. The new body cameras are being used in conjunction with patrol car cameras, and are activated anytime there is citizen contact related to Public Safety activity.

The body cameras were acquired through the efforts of City Manager, Chris Hobby, at no cost to the City of Bainbridge. A portion of the fees charged by RiskJockey, a website used by citizens to locate reports, photographs, video, audio, and other law enforcement evidence, were used to acquire the body cameras for the city.

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